Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Downtown Disney Must Do's

Downtown Disney (DTD) offers a range of shops, restaurants and entertainment to participate in. It is free to get into DTD but you pay for everything inside of it such as shopping, eating, Cirque, Disney Quest, etc. Here is my list of must do's!!
1. World of Disney: It is an incredibly HUGE store and you can probably find any Disney item you want in this store. I've gotten lost in it multiple times. (well, ok not lost but I couldn't find my way back to the way I entered).

2. Design A T-shirt- maybe not a must do, but I made a college program shirt and I like it and thought it was fun. It cost about 25 bucks, but it's not like I did it every day...

Places to Eat

1. Ghirardelli- I am in love with their ice cream. My friends and I went there A LOT!! (and you get a cast member discount!!)

2. Rainforest Cafe- There is also a location at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but I am partial to this location since I had my Pre-Check In dinner there and it's the place where I met a BUNCH of my friends for the first time!

3. Planet Hollywood

Downtown Disney also has a TON of other restaurants that are very popular with guests, I just don't feel like I can recommend them necessairly because I never ate there...

1. Disney Quest- You will like this if you like video games. It is known as a "5 story indoor-interactive theme park". Here is where you can go on a virtual Jungle Cruise, Virtual Pirates ride, Build and ride your own roller coaster, etc. I liked it.

2. Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba- Wait until you get 50% off tickets. We paid $42.00 for 4th row tickets. We probably could have gotten better yet, but we had 13 people together and we all wanted to sit together. There really isn't a bad seat in the house from the looks of it and the show is SPECTACULAR!