Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roomies: In a little more detail

I've sort of touched on the roomie situation already in the blog I did about living conditions. However, while talking to a couple of my Disney friends, we agreed that I needed to go into a little more depth. The number one thing we felt it was necessary to mention was:

Do not expect to become best friends with your roommates...

Is it possible that you will become best friends with your roommates? Of course! But don't expect it. I did... and a couple other friends of mine did... and we both ended up moving apartments.

At the beginning, everyone is super nice and you think you really are living in fantasy land... about a month or two later you start to see people's true side. And that is what happened to me, sort of. I had 7 roommates and 6 of them decided to stab me in the back and what they did made my entire CP life hell... so instead of staying in that apartment with the one roommate I could actually stand, I moved.

Luckily, I had talked to a couple friends of mine and it turned out that they had an empty bed in their apartment so all I had to do was get it approved through housing, pay 50 bucks and sign a waiver saying I wouldn't drink alcohol in the apartment since I would be moving into a non-wellness.

I lovvvveddd that apartment. One of the girls and I had a falling out, but I still had 6 other girls who I considered sisters to me and I was much MUCH happier living there.

Moral of the story: If your roommates suck, move. Don't be worried about causing drama, hurting your roommates feelings , etc... do what is going to make YOU happy. It's worth it in the end.


You will be living with people from all over the country and possibly people from other countries... if I can offer you one piece of advice about that:

Be prepared to compromise!!

People might surprise you. Some people have never had to take out the trash or do the dishes their entire lives. Some people's "really clean" is your "really messy"... some people just DON'T care about partying at 2 am when you have to be to work 4 hours later... the more you prepare yourself for compromise and team work, the better off y'all are going to be !!!

I also recommend to make some sort of chores chart and set some apartment "rules" right off the bat. It will just help organize everyone right away and will probably save some arguments down the road.