Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I got the job... and another request!!!

I got the job!!!!... I got the job!!!!... I got the job!!!!

I am the assistant manager for the Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set at the mall!!! SOOOOOO excited!!!!!

And I also got a request on facebook to give my feedback on which rules I think should be put in place on the CP apartments between roommates, so here goes nothing...

Technically, all of your roommates are going to be legal adults. With that being said... not all of them will act like it and in order to keep yourself from going insane, you might want to sit down with your roommates day 1 and come up with some friendly guidelines...

Here are some ideas:

1. My roommates and I did a chores chart. we took a piece of paper and drew a line down the middle. on one side, went everyone's name on the other side went the chores that needed to be done : garbage, dishes, get the mail, etc etc etc.

We found cute little square magnets in the target dollar section and placed that list on the fridge. When the magnet was on your name, you did that chore. and then you would place the magnet on the next name. It worked really well for us.

2. Figure out a cooking schedule. My roommates and I bought all of our own food and then we had masking tape and a permanent marker so we could write our name on our food. No one ever had the same schedules, so we all cooked for ourselves. Something you may consider buying though and splitting the cost of is stuff like pots and pans. The ones we got in chatham were in kind of poor condition and for 8 people, we didn't get that many.

3. You may want to figure out in your apartment who has a car and who doesn't. I allllwayyysss drove everywhere and noone ever really offered to help chip in for gas and the gas stations by the apartments are a lot higher then anywhere else. It really adds up in gas when you think about it, so come up with some reinbursement system for gas if that is something you will particpate in.

4. talk with your roommates and decide on the rules of inviting others over to your apartment. Like how late is too late, on noise levels, etc. Also... get it across to your roommates that you WILL be termed if there is illegal stuff going on in your apartment and you get caught. No one wants to get termed for something that isn't their fault.

5. Have rules about sleepovers and levels of PDA. seriously. my roommate and I didn't have any such rules and I had one too many surprises... also keep in mind that you can lock the bedroom door from the inside, so if you get home, and all you want to do is go to bed... your roommate might have the door locked, so talk about how you will handle that.

6. Talk to your immediate roommate about what kind of a sleeper you are. How do you handle lights turned on, hair dryers blowing, etc in the morning?!? If you can sleep through it, GREAT! If not... let them know. After a week or so of being woken up every morning, you'll get cranky. trust me. Just be honest from the begining and you'll be much better off!

I think that's about all i've got now. Remember... your roommates pay to live there too, so compromise is key. You will be living with people from all over the country and in some cases, all over the world. People have different ways of doing things than you do and it's part of the learning process of the college program. Learning to live with different people. Have fun though, be creative, and follow the housing rules. Property Management doesn't take them lightly.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

not much new with the CP

well i can't believe it's happened... but i'm starting to run out of new information to share with you guys.

I guess now it's going to be the time where if I see stuff online or something, i'll post it here for y'all to read :)

I guess the only thing CP related is that a few days ago I made my CP presentation at school to get full credit for my internship class. My professor loved it and i got all the kids asking how they could apply. What was supposed to be about a 15 minute presentation turned out to be between an hour - an hour and a half... my part was over in 15 minutes but they just kept asking all these questions. My professor even asked me if he could keep my report I made about it as a great example to show future students. No professor has ever asked me that before!! It made me feel really good.

I got my grade in the mail a couple days later (A) and my professors comments were "excellent! I can't wait for your second internship!"

Him and I both.

So I guess that's about it for this post. I've been following other Fall 10's blogs and even a couple of people have started bloging.

OHHHH and my parents just gave me a $50 visa giftcard for halloween (apparently I get halloween gifts now, haha)... they asked me what I was going to spend it on and I said I'm saving it until I find out if i'm accepted, and if I am, I'm spending it on FLORIDA STUFF!!! haha :-)


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Ok, so the Disney College Program has a variety of roles to select from when applying. Some of which include:

~ Attractions
~ Concierge
~ Custodial
~ Full Service Food and Bev
~ Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
~ Housekeeping
~ Life Guard
~ Bell Service Dispatch
~ Hospitality
~ Main Entrance Operations
~ Character Attendant
~ Performer
~ Photopass
~ Merchandise
~ Quick Service Food and Bev
~ Costuming
~ Recreation
~ Hopper
~ Transportation
~ Vacation Planner

I only did the hospitality role, so far... and I had a lot of friends in many other roles, but I can't tell you exactly what their jobs entailed... so:

Here's the website for you to go to which has role descriptions available!!!


A bunch of Top 5's

It feels like it's been forever since I've actually posted anything directly related to information about the CP that you (the reader) could benefit from. I know these are only top 5's, but... maybe you could go there, eat there, do the things I recommend and get some sort of enjoyment out of them, hah...

so without further a due, top 5's:

Restaurant's Table Service (including buffets)
1. Cinderella's Royal Table ~ MK
2. Crystal Palace ~ MK
3. 50's Prime Time Cafe ~ DHS
4. Rainforest Cafe ~ DTD / DAK
5. Chef Mickey's - Contemporary Resort

Restaurants Quick Service
1. Columbia Harbour House ~ MK
2. Cosmic Rays ~ MK
3. Restaurantsorus ~ DAK
4. Pizzafari ~ DAK
5. Pizza Planet - DHS

Resorts (I'm partial to # 1 and # 2... I worked there ;-) )
1. Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
2. Old key West
3. Polynessian Resort
4. Animal Kingdom Lodge
5. Wilderness Lodge

(Note: I love all the resorts for one reason or another... )

Character greeting Locations
1. Pixie Hallow ~ MK
2. Character Spot ~ EPCOT
3. Camp Minnie Mickey ~ DAK
4. Animation Building ~ DHS
5. Judges Tent ~ MK

Night Time Entertainment
1. Fantasmic! ~ DHS
2. Wishes ~ MK
3. Illuminations ~ DHS
4. Cirque Du Soleil ~ DTD
5. Alantic Dance Hall / Jellyrolls ~ Boardwalk

Information Resources (yeah, ok I only have 3 here...)
1. (search Disney College Program)
2. (college program board)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

FALL 2010!!!

Just a side note to say :

I have offically decided and gotten the approval to apply for Fall/Fall Advantage 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can not express my excitement.

I'm absolutely, without a doubt, the most excited girl in the entire world!!

Top 5 Attractions

Here goes nothing!!...

1. Expedition Everest

2. Rockin Roller Coaster

3. Tower of Terror (not my picture)

4. Haunted Mansion

5. Splash Mountain (not my picture)

CP Perks

With being on the College Program you get most of the same perks as full time cast members do. Check this out:

1. Discounts-

You get various discounts at Full Service Restaurants as well as some discounts at quick service locations. It really varies though so if you ever have questions about the food discounts, just ask before you purchase anything.

You also get up to 40% off of Disney Resorts for family and friends. This is if you are NOT going to be staying with them.

Now, if you ARE going to be staying with them and if your name is on the reservation, you can get 50% off. I've heard that some people have even gotten 60% off, but I've personally never seen a reservation with that... and I've worked at the resorts.

You also get a discount on merchandise... I believe it's 20%. However, when I arrived at the end of January, they still had their holiday discounts going on for cast members which included 50% off for merchandise. That was AMAZING. Especially when you were playing in the parks and you got cold (which it DOES happen at that time of the year) you can go to the merchandise locations and get a hoodie for like 15-20 bucks instead of paying 30-40!! Very nice!!

2. Cast Connection-

This is a building merchandise location backstage Magic Kingdom. Here they have a BUNCH of merchandise you can buy such as outdated clothing, stuff they've used at the resorts, toys, frames, books, etc. It's discounted and they often have a big selection of items to pick from. Hours can be found on the Hub.

3. Property Control-

This is located right next door to Cast Connection. This is where they sell stuff that they can't sell in the parks anymore due to it being damaged or something along those lines. Often times, you can find INCREDIBLE deals there and you often can't tell why it was damaged.

For instance, I've purchased MANY clothing items in this store that I cant tell what was wrong with them... I purchased a Disney Parks and Resorts cookbook that the ONLY thing wrong with it was that the paper cover (on a hard cover book) was ripped about an inch... I think the book was about 40 bucks, and i got it for like 5.

The selection in this store really varies as they get in new items every day!

4. Company D-

There are a few different locations around Disney Property. My favorite is at Disney University. They have a lot of Cast Member Only clothing (including CP clothing)... a lot of CM Only pins, and other merchandise. They also have a WIDE selection of laynards to select from for your IDs and such. I spend a LOT of money at Company D.