Saturday, October 24, 2009

not much new with the CP

well i can't believe it's happened... but i'm starting to run out of new information to share with you guys.

I guess now it's going to be the time where if I see stuff online or something, i'll post it here for y'all to read :)

I guess the only thing CP related is that a few days ago I made my CP presentation at school to get full credit for my internship class. My professor loved it and i got all the kids asking how they could apply. What was supposed to be about a 15 minute presentation turned out to be between an hour - an hour and a half... my part was over in 15 minutes but they just kept asking all these questions. My professor even asked me if he could keep my report I made about it as a great example to show future students. No professor has ever asked me that before!! It made me feel really good.

I got my grade in the mail a couple days later (A) and my professors comments were "excellent! I can't wait for your second internship!"

Him and I both.

So I guess that's about it for this post. I've been following other Fall 10's blogs and even a couple of people have started bloging.

OHHHH and my parents just gave me a $50 visa giftcard for halloween (apparently I get halloween gifts now, haha)... they asked me what I was going to spend it on and I said I'm saving it until I find out if i'm accepted, and if I am, I'm spending it on FLORIDA STUFF!!! haha :-)