Thursday, October 8, 2009

CP Perks

With being on the College Program you get most of the same perks as full time cast members do. Check this out:

1. Discounts-

You get various discounts at Full Service Restaurants as well as some discounts at quick service locations. It really varies though so if you ever have questions about the food discounts, just ask before you purchase anything.

You also get up to 40% off of Disney Resorts for family and friends. This is if you are NOT going to be staying with them.

Now, if you ARE going to be staying with them and if your name is on the reservation, you can get 50% off. I've heard that some people have even gotten 60% off, but I've personally never seen a reservation with that... and I've worked at the resorts.

You also get a discount on merchandise... I believe it's 20%. However, when I arrived at the end of January, they still had their holiday discounts going on for cast members which included 50% off for merchandise. That was AMAZING. Especially when you were playing in the parks and you got cold (which it DOES happen at that time of the year) you can go to the merchandise locations and get a hoodie for like 15-20 bucks instead of paying 30-40!! Very nice!!

2. Cast Connection-

This is a building merchandise location backstage Magic Kingdom. Here they have a BUNCH of merchandise you can buy such as outdated clothing, stuff they've used at the resorts, toys, frames, books, etc. It's discounted and they often have a big selection of items to pick from. Hours can be found on the Hub.

3. Property Control-

This is located right next door to Cast Connection. This is where they sell stuff that they can't sell in the parks anymore due to it being damaged or something along those lines. Often times, you can find INCREDIBLE deals there and you often can't tell why it was damaged.

For instance, I've purchased MANY clothing items in this store that I cant tell what was wrong with them... I purchased a Disney Parks and Resorts cookbook that the ONLY thing wrong with it was that the paper cover (on a hard cover book) was ripped about an inch... I think the book was about 40 bucks, and i got it for like 5.

The selection in this store really varies as they get in new items every day!

4. Company D-

There are a few different locations around Disney Property. My favorite is at Disney University. They have a lot of Cast Member Only clothing (including CP clothing)... a lot of CM Only pins, and other merchandise. They also have a WIDE selection of laynards to select from for your IDs and such. I spend a LOT of money at Company D.