Monday, October 5, 2009

Another note about transportation

I just wanted to add a side note in here about transportation... or at least emphasize something I might have already said:

American Coach does not go to places like Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, etc. The only time it goes to places like that would be if there was a special CP thing set up and even then, they might charter a separate bus for that... i'm not really sure how that all works.

If you're hoping to get to places like that you have a couple options:

1. Bring down your car. It's super easy to get to both places from the CP apartments.
2. Get a taxi.
3. Make friends with someone with a car... but please... either pay for parking or give them gas money. Take it from someone who had a car down there: gas is expensive when you make minimum wage... and those people with cars might not mind doing it out of the goodness of their hearts at first, but once they realize that EVERYONE starts wanting rides from them, they will appreciate the couple bucks for gas, or things like paying for parking. Just my thoughts on that matter :-)