Monday, October 5, 2009

CP Only Events

Every now and then there will be CP only events... they are pretty fun and I highly recommend them!! I didn't get a chance to do a lot of the ones that I really wanted to, simply due to the fact that I was working or the fact that they fill up fast... but the ones I did get to do, were AMAZING... such as:

**Cast Quest**

Cast Quest involves getting into teams of 4 and it's a tournament of sorts held at Disney Quest and downtown disney. They shut down Disney Quest just for this (it's basically done after hours) and most of the attractions at Disney Quest are open for use. Some of the attractions the teams competed in were Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Skee Ball, Air Hockey, Trivia and Race Car driving. It was SOOOO much fun.
My team won 3rd place in trivia and everyone got medals for participating as well as medals/certificates if you placed in any of the events. Here's some pictures:


The formal was awesome. For the Spring and Spring Advantage CPs it was held at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and the theme was "going hollywood". The characters show up in their formal attire for pictures, the food is decent and it's a chance to dress up (or not) and dance the night away with your friends. The best part about formal is... IT'S FREE!! and most managers are pretty cool about giving you the night off if you tell them what it's for. Here's some pictures:

Now the rest I don't really have pictures of, but I'll still mention them...

1. Pool Parties- I never went to one of them, but from what people told me, they had DJ's, food, characters, and of course... swimming. They sounded fun, but I was ALWAYS working during them... or I didn't know about them until it was too late. They had a few while I was there.

2. Grocery Bingo- This seemed to be really popular. Basically, you play bingo to win bags of groceries!! There was only ONE of them that I wasn't working during, but... it was my birthday and I was busy at Universal and at my party... so I didn't go. I heard they were really fun and I always wanted to go to one of them.

3. Cool Beans Cafe- I never went to this either, but they have kareoke and stuff here... it never really interested me that much... but some people I know went and said it was alright.

4. Night of Stars- I actually went to this, haha! I got an Early Release from work so I could go to it, haha... It's a CP talent show and it was held in Downtown Disney. I went with my friend Tim and it was PACKED. The talent was really good, too. I recommend to check this out.

5. Mickey's Retreat- This is right next to Chatham and it's a cast member only area where you can rent water paddle boats, i think they have tennis or basketball and soccer or something... it's kind of a rec area. I never went here except for graduation.

6. Backstage tours- These are VERY VERY VERY popular and fill up very quickly. While I was there I never got to go to one, but i REALLY REALLY wanted to. They offered tours of backstage Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest and I think a couple more. The Haunted Mansion was held most frequently.

** note: My SSR and OKW managers did arrange for our CPs to get a backstage tour of the Dinosaur attraction at Animal Kingdom. It was very interesting and we got to learn a ton about the attraction. It was held before the park opened and we got to see how everything worked, we got to walk through the attraction with the lights on, pet the dinosaurs and then ride it with the lights off. I learned so much with that and therefore can HIGHLY recommend you do some sort of backstage tour if you can. If nothing else, just to see how a day to day life of an attractions cast member can be is interesting :-)... but i KNOW you will get more out of it!!

Also, every now and then, they would have cast only nights at the parks or cast previews to different things. During my program I had the chance to view the cast preview of the "move it, shake it, celebrate it" parade, but I was working that night.

I did have the chance to go to a Toy Story Mania Cast night when they were doing some testing on how to work the line. That was SOOOO awesome and we got to ride it twice.... and after you ride it twice... if you ride it hard core competitively, you will feel like you just had an awesome workout. No joke.

Overall, there are a lot of opportunities for cast or CP only events to participate in. DO THEM. they are fun!!