Monday, October 5, 2009

Creating your own Magical Moments

No, I'm not talking about at work... although Disney does give you a lot of room to be creative with these... I'm talking about playing in the parks. Meeting characters has GOT to be one of my favorite things to do. Especially if I knew people who were friends with them. Even if I didn't, you just go up to them and strike up a conversation... here's a bunch of my favorites.

The day before I moved into the CP, my friends Corinne, Danny and Meghan went to Animal Kingdom... there is where I met Goofy for the first time on my CP. Goofy grabbed me, hugged me, and proceeded to dance with me for a solid 2 minutes at least. It was amaaaaazing and something I will never ever forget...

I became fairly good friends With Goofy throughout my program and decided to meet him and my friend pluto in dinoland. That also, was an experience I will never forget and goofy and pluto probably spent half of their set with us... we loved it.

Meeting Stitch was fun. Stitch had just gone for a quick surfing lesson and when he came back, my roommate Alyssa and I were the first ones to meet him. The photopass photographer was amazing and helped us really interact with lilo and stitch. We had a surfing lesson before taking the picture and stitch decided to make out with Alyssa. It was Epic.

It was ALWAYS a pleasure meeting Sorcerer Mickey. Once he was acting like a Pimp and was very interactive with my roommates and I... another time, I drew a picture of him at the animation classes and brought it to him for him to sign. He LOVED it and made a big deal about it.

Other times, just meeting friends of friends was fun. Such as the beast (in the heading picture of this post...), or:

Woody and the Green Army Man:

Mr. Icredible: (I told Mrs. Incredible that I was going to steal her man. She acted like she didn't care at all... haha)

or Sully: (there was NO line for Sully... we could have spent all day with him and mike if we wanted to. It was pretty amazing.)