Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The CP is so much more than an internship...

On the CP I...

~ viewed a live american idol audition...of sorts...
~ was dangerous with Drew Carey
~ did spectacular stunts with Indiana jones
~ went on a tour of the stars
~ dined with playhouse disney characters
~ rode piggy back on an ant the size of my car
~ played carnival games with toy story characters
~ took a journey into narnia
~ envisioned one mans dream
~ went on a voyage with the little mermaid
~ flew through a giant pink donut
~ fell 13 stories in an elevator that got struck by lightning
~ took the shuttle on a joy ride to mars... and never actually took one back to earth...
~ was a crash test dummy
~ Went on a quest in the big blue world
~ had a chat with a 500 year old turtle
~ went hang gliding over California
~ lived with the land
~ witnessed the entire circle of life
~ Went to Italy for dinner, France for dessert while having a drink from Mexico
~ experienced life through a bugs point of view
~ saved a baby elephant from wild poachers
~Lead my team on a crazy expedition through mount everest
~ went white water rafting
~ helped find nemo
~ time traveled back 65 million years to save a dinosaur
~ flew on a magic carpet
~ saw the backside of water
~ Plunged down a 5 story waterfall
~ survivied the wildest ride in the wilderness
~ Jammed with some country bears
~ Spent 8 minutes in the dark with 999 happy haunts
~ took a flight with peter pan
~ got mad at a tea party
~ hung out at mickey's house
~ flew through space
~ laughed with monsters

... it was so much more than an internship...