Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney Look

Disney is a company that prides itself on putting on a show for every guest. Thus, each cast member plays a role onstage. Part of maintaining that role is making sure you fit the "look". Each "role" has a specific "costume". There are no UNIFORMS at Disney.

For the purpose of the college program, the first day that you are required to be in look is for "Traditions".

For women:

~ hair must be a natural color and if you have highlights they must blen in very well and look natural.
~ Business wear is appropriate. Nice shirt, jacket, skirt that isn't higher than the knee, dress pants, etc.
~ Shoes must be closed toe/closed heel
~minimal jewlery
~ Pantyhose

For Men:

~Clean Shaven
~Business Attire with tie.

You are looked over before you are given your company ID/nametag.

I have seen girls turned away for their hair not looking "natural" enough and I have seen guys who were made to go to the vending machine and purchase a cheap razor and shave before being admitted.

For both genders, tattoos must be covered.

For the most part, everyone "passed" with no problems:)

Here's a couple pictures taken on the way to Traditions so you can know what to expect... we all passed :)