Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meeting new people and pacccckkinnnggg

Ok... so you are accepted!! Congratulations!!! You filled out all your paperwork, paid your assessment fee and are wondering what to do next?!?...

Join some online groups!!!! Check out my two favorite: facebook and the disboards ( the college boards)... I guarantee you will "meet" a ton of people who are actually going down the same time as you!!! Without those two sites, I would have been terrified going down there with not knowing anyone. But through the beauty of online social networks, I felt like I had already became GREAT "friends" with a TON of people!!!

Now... as far as packing goes. I drove my own car down to Florida, so I could fit a little more than most people could if they were flying... but basically:

The apartments: Vista Way, Chatham Square and Patterson Court *and the commons*... come fully furnished. This means...

Living room:
- couch
- chair
- end table (2)
- kitchen table
- 4-6 table chairs

- stove/oven
- dish washer
- microwave
- fridge/freezer (New: 2 fridges and 2 freezers if you live in a 4 bedroom apartment which is REALLLLLY nice!!!)
- some pots/pans and silverware... the basics.

- two twin size beds in each bedroom (NOT comfortable but by the time you go to bed, you're normally so tired you don't even notice)
- two end tables
- 1 dresser with 3 drawers for each person
- walk in closet
- closet for towels and such

Bathrooms come with the basics... shower with a basic shower curtain, toilet... ya know... but NOTHING fancy. therefore... here's my recommendations for stuff to purchase. You be the deciding factor if you want/need it and to get it before hand/after you get there... but this stuff came in handy... if nothing else, it made the apartment feel more "at home".

- MATTRESS PADS... yeah. i had two.
- bed risers (they help add extra storage room under the bed)
- over the door hangers for towels, clothes, whatever
- clothes/shoes hanging storage cubby things. they are very helpful in adding extra places to put stuff!!!
- I bought a TV tray table thing to add another "end table" to my side of the room
- a fan is helpful to drown out noise from other roomates ... and to cool of during the HOT summer months!!
- decorations, of course!!!
- curtains are nice to block out the sun in the mornings on your days off :)
- bedding... sheets, comforters, pillows... the basics:) TWIN size.
- hangers!!! (FYI: the local walmart runs out of most of this stuff A LOT since all CPs basically shop there.)

over the 7 months I was there, my roomates and I eventually bought:
- a couple extra pots/pans
- muffin tins
- sandwhich maker/quesidilla maker
- pizza pans
-PLASTIC silverware (cheap and less dishes!!)... and paper plates/tuppeware stuff

Living room:
- curtains
- TV/dvd player/movies/gaming systems/games
- my roomates and I bought a couple board games
- bean bag chairs were found cheap at target and added extra seating options / pillow options for late night movie nights
- white board for roomate messages/schedules

Shower Curtain for decoration and personality
floor mat
my roomates and I bought a 3 bin storage box thing where we stored toilet paper and other items... came in handy!!!
shower caddy

and then not to mention all your personal items that you would normally pack like clothes, toilitries, etc etc etc...

and again, not ALL of this stuff is stuff that you NEED but it helps make the plain white walls and "basics" feel like you're more at home!!!...

and another important note, even though i mentioned it before.... is....

the local walmart sells out of stuff A LOT during the times of CP arrivals. If you can buy it at home and pack it... DO IT! Also... keep in mind... the lines at walmart are FREAKISHLY TERRIBLE during cp check in dates. I went the first night with my roomates to get groceries and we waited in line for TWO hours....and EVERY lane was like that... yikes:)

Happy Packing !!!