Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inspections/Housing Rules

Inspections...kind of suck. I mean, when it comes down to it, they really aren't that big of a deal but we pay rent and are all over the age of 18...just like a regular apartment and they never have inspections.

All in all, we had 4 total inspections over the 7 months that I was there. There are always the chances for surprise inspections, but my apartment never had one. We always knew when ours would be by looking at the board they had at security.

For inspections, you have to have everything clean...beds made, surfaces clean, floors (tile wood and carpet), oven, stove, microwave, showers, toilets, garbages empty, blah blah blah. If one thing isn't clean, you will be failed on that part but pass overall. If more than a few things aren't perfect, you fail over all and each person in the apartment has to pay $25.00 so they can get a cleaning crew in to clean your apartment.

So that is inspections.

As far as housing rules go...

~ all residents must present apartment IDs every time you enter the complex.
~ if it is after 9 pm, all visitors (even CPs from other complex's) must be signed in and will not be admitted in if they aren't.
~ Everyone that does not live in that complex must be out by 1am
~if you have friends over that live in the same complex as you, there is not a "curfew" and there is no official rule about the opposite gender spending the night as long as they live in the same complex.

If you have issues with your roomates having "sleepovers" that is something you will want to talk about right away because as long as they live in the same complex, they aren't breaking any rules and you can't really do anything about it.