Friday, August 21, 2009

Hours/Points/Repimands/Great Service Fanatics


As a CP, you are guaranteed 32 hours a week. Of course, this all varies by your work locations and some roles and locations will always have a lot more hours to hand out then others.

Working at SSR and OKW... i was ALWAYS given 5 days a week at 8 1/2 hours each day... so that was what? 42.5 hours a week. Some of my roomates got a lot more than that working attractions and Merch in the parks.... and if you work crazy buzy times like over spring break, I know someone who worked 70 hour work weeks doing attractions. It can get kind of crazy.

The only time you may have less than 32 hours is if you request the time off and it gets approved... but even then, be prepared to work more days in a row than your used to before your "vacation" and even after you get back to make up for those days missed!! ...


If you call into work or are late... do something you shouldn't while working... something like those scenerios chances are you may rack up some points.

-You call into work for being "sick" or "personal"... you get 1 point each day.
-You are late to work by 1 second-2 hours... you get 1/2 a point.
- you are late to work by 2 + hours... you get a whole point
- you do something bad on the job... missing money, poor judgement, etc etc etc ... you could get anysort of points/rep's... it really varies by severity and it's up to the discretion of the leader

repimands are no good. As a CP, unless you call in allllllllll the time or just do really bad or really stupid stuff, it's hard to get terminated due to having repimands. I'll try to explain...

3 total points in 30 days = 1 repimand
6 total points in 60 days = 1 repimand
9 total points in 90 days = 1 repimand...

3 1/2 total points in 30 days = 1 repimand + 1 point...

say you call in 4 days in a month ( 4 points)... and then the bus gets you late to work even by a minute 4 times in that same month (total of 2 more points)... you would equal out 2 repimands for that month... but this is hard to do, really...

in order to get termed AS A CP (i'm not honestly sure if it's the same for full time/ part time)... you need:

4 attendance repimands or I believe it's 3 performance reprimands (most commonly given in hospitality for being short a lot of money in your drawer, REALLY poor judgement while working.... something like that)..

Points and Repimands go on your record card and WILL effect the outcome of an extension or going seasonal. I can't remember how long they remain on your record card, but something tells me it's for a year... i could be wrong, so don't hold me to that:)

I'm not going to get into how many points I had and stuff, but i did get points. It's almost impossible to be there for 7 months and not call in. Stuff happens and comes up. Just don't make it a habbit to call in all the time... and whatever you do... DO NOT CALL IN AND USE YOUR COMPANY ID. CHANCES ARE... YOU WILL GET TERMED FOR IT!!! I've also heard stories of being termed for going to the beach and someone running into their manager there... not good !! Just be smart and you'll be great!

Great Service Fanatic cards:

Not a lot of guests know about these... these can be filled out by both guests AND cast members... for rewarding cast members for doing great things!!! They are so much fun to get because it means someone noticed you going above and beyond the call of duty and... personally, just made me motivated to go out there and do an even better job!!...

I was blessed enough to recieve three during my program all from other cast members. They DO go on your record card, and while they don't erase points or repimands, they do show the good that you do when it comes time to wanting to extend/go seasonal/transfer to another location after your CP.