Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living Situation and Roomates

Ok... I started out in Chatham in a 4 bedroom. I was over 21 and lived in a non-wellness. I don't really drink too much and a couple roomates and I didn't get along at all, so I payed the $50.00 moving fee and moved into a different 4 bedroom in Chatham but this time, into an under-21 apartment and it was the best thing I did for myself on the CP.

First of all: 4 bedroom apartments have 2 1/2 bathrooms and 2 fridges and 2 freezers which is really nice!!!

The challange came in sharing an apartment with 7 other girls. I was lucky for the most part and loved most of my roomates but you're not going to get along with everyone no matter how hard you try.

Something I recommend is setting a "chores" chart of some kind. You would think that because w
e are all legal adults on the CP that something as easy as doing the dishes and taking out the trash would be easy...


Something else to keep in mind is that you will be living with people from all over the United States and even from different countries, sometimes. People are brought up all different kind of ways and have different views on everything and you will have to take that into consideration.

Personally, I think it's AWESOME to know people from all over the world but some people aren't as into that, so if that is you, then definitely do the roomie notification program so you can get to know your roomie before you get down there and if you come to realize it's not going to work out, you can try to get a new one before you get down there.

Basically, just keep an open mind when it comes to roomies. You probably won't se
e them much anyway since everyone has crazy work schedules and if you just can't endure it anymore you always have the option of moving for $50.00 which is what I did.

Your happiness is what matters and you need to be happy so you can create that Disney magic!!!

Regarding rent: I paid $82/week for a chatham 4 bedroom and it was automatically deducted from my work checks.

Here's some pictures of my 1st apartment before I moved... note: these aren't really in the order i wanted them, but you'll get the idea.

*** closet. one for each bedroom. (2 people share)

*** Vanity area. 2 people share

*** Dresser. 6 drawers total. 2 people share.

*** Half of a bedroom. My side. Technically we weren't supposed to have the curtains up... or the posters up... but we took them down for inspections and it was never a problem. No new holes were made

*** View from our deck... where the red car is in the other parking area straight ahead... that is where i moved to :)

*** living room.
***Building 5 in chatham

*** Walkway once you came up the stairs in our apartment. If you went to the right, there would be the 2nd fridge and freezer.... and another bedroom. If you went to the left, there would be a bedroom.

*** guest bathroom***
***Kitchen: the door next to the fridge is a 6 shelf pantry

*** this is the pantry.