Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interviewing and Acceptance!!!

The day the applications came available on line was pretty much the best day of my life!!! I watched the e-presentation online since Disney recruiters didn't come to my campus and then I printed out the application and filled it out online. Then I called Disney Recruiting to set up a date to interview.

Words cannot begin to describe how incredibly nervous I was every single step of the way!!!

My interview was set up for the very first day they started interviewing the batch of spring hopefuls and it was set up for first thing in the morning. I'm not going to lie.... I totally rocked the interview in my pajamas, but that is the beauty of a phone interview, haha. The important thing that I kept in mind was to constantly smile because they can most definitely tell through how your voice sounds... but it wasn't hard, because helloooooo, i was talking about DISNEY... why WOULDN'T I be smiling :)

The interviewer, Rhonda, called me at the EXACT time the interview was set for and it only lasted about 10 minutes. It started out just going over some basics such as the correct spelling of my name and having me verify some information. She asked me the normal questions as any interviewer would such as "how did you hear about the CP" and "why do you want to be a cast member"... stuff like that!!!...

Then came the role specific questions based off the roles I selected... which were:
1. Character Attendant
2. Attractions
3. Hospitality
4. Merchandise
5. Vacation Planner

I felt GREAT about all the answers I gave her and she ended the interview saying I did a wonderful job and I sounded so happy and that I should be hearing something within 2-3 weeks.

TWO - THREE WEEKS?!?!... that seemed like a lifetime away!!! However, I sucked it up. Then..... 2-3 weeks passed and still nothing. 4 weeks came... 5 weeks came... I was freaking out!!!! I wanted in SOOOOOO bad and just not knowing was driving me insane!!!

A bunch of people had joined the Spring CP group on facebook and we were all keeping track of who got their letters and when. I had called my recruiter at the start of my 5th week just to ask about the process and to make sure everything was ok with my application and such. She called me back and explained the process of everything to me and told me while she couldn't really flat out tell me that I was accepted, she COULD tell me that i should be hearing "VERY good news within the next couple of days..."

I think that day I had a heart attack due to overwhelming excitement!!!!!!!

I found out 2 days later. I was at work and my dad comes in holding a large white envelope. I brought him to the back, opened it and pulled out my PURPLE FOLDERRR!!!!!

In it, it told me that I was accepted for:

Spring Advantage as a Hospitality Cast member and it told me the amount I would be making an hour.

I was THRILLED!!!!

I accepted my offer that night and I picked the dates of January 21-August 7th, 2009... the first dates available for Spring Advantage!!!!

the next weeks entailed finding out what everyone else was accepted for, getting to know everyone that was accepted... lots and LOTS of chats online with people, watching lots and LOTS of Disney movies and packing and saying goodbyes and just pure EXCITEMENT!!!!

Moral of whatever this post was: stay patient and stay POSITIVE. I know 1st hand how anxious you can get while waiting for that beautiful purple folder, but trust me... the wait is SOOOOOOO worth it!!! <3