Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2

As explained earlier, day 2 activities are supposedly rolled into day 1, but this is how it was for me:
I had to be at Vista Way at 8am and we found out our work locations. Before I had arrived in Orlando, I had emailed my recruiter to see if I could be placed at either Saratoga Springs, Old Key West or the Polynessian since I'm most familiar with those resorts and she had emailed me back saying that it was just a request and nothing was guarenteed but she would put the request in my file.
So, I was very anxious as I was approaching the table. The guy asked for my name was like "oh wow! You're going to be working at two Disney Vacation Club Resorts: Saratoga Springs and Old Key West!"
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I was so excited!!!
If you get placed in hospitality, the chances are good that you will be placed in two resorts. I was placed at SSR and OKW because they are DVC sister resorts and most cast members go between the two, not just CP's.
After we found out the work locations we went to another area at Vista to sign up for classes. I wanted to sign up for two : Marketing you... and... Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management. The lady really tried to talk me out of it because for the most part, classes are held on your days off but I was nieve and didn't care... I "knew" what i was doing... The classes seemed pretty interesting but I dropped both within the first two weeks because not having a full day off actually really sucked and I wasn't getting any credits for them anyway.
Most of my friends ended up dropping their classes, too.
My recommendation: sign up for the classes if your school will give you credit for them. If not, i probably wouldn't bother taking them because you probably won't have a whole day off and it's just too easy to get burnt out!!
Some classes cost money and Disney deducts it straight from your paychecks. Some classes also require books and you need to get those on your own. Each class is different though and you'll find out all that information when you sign up for the classes.