Sunday, August 23, 2009

My first request!!

This is exciting... my first request of information to be shared!!!

A reader of the disboards wants to know more information about general levels of work experience with hospitality cast members, the amount of hours worked and whether or not cp's worked over night shifts...

As far as general levels of work experience goes: Personally, I had worked with Hyatt for 2 years before applying for Disney. The position I had gave me experience mostly with front desk, but I also had a lot of experience working in the bar and backery... in the kitchen... setting up for meetings and minimal housekeeping. I think my interviewer was impressed by that...

MOST of the CPs at SSR and OKW were hospitality majors with experience in the field... but not all of them. 2 of my good friends were Art majors and i know one of them had no experience in the field at all... i'm not 100 % certain about the other...

Generally speaking, most CPs were hospitality majors though but there are always a few of them that just do a great job on their interview and really make it apparent that this is what they want to try.

Honestly, in the training you get, you don't need to have experience because at least in my experience, Disney's way is SOOOOOOO different than Hyatt's way.

For hours worked...

I was ALWAYS scheduled for 5 days and ALWAYS for 8 1/2 hour shifts. The only time I would get any less than that is if I had requested days off for something... and most of the time if I wanted 3 or 4 days off in a row, it would be approved... but... it would mean that i was scheduled for 7 or 8 in a row before AND after my days off. :)

Getting overtime in SSR and OKW was almost impossible and they really frowned upon it. However I know of other people in other resorts who claimed they could pick up shifts left and right... as well as people in the parks who were CONSTANTLY scheduled overtime, so go figure!

Another thing to consider is working front desk, there are only so many stations. Sundays were our busiest day of the week and they ALWAYS over scheduled to allow room for call ins and such... and most of the time I'd be in the back offices making packets all of my shift or just doing odd and end things.

The minimal amount of hours the can schedule you is 32.

ummm overnights!!!

I never had any. I was asked ONCE to work a double which would have put me into 7am b/c one of the over night full timers had called in. It wasn't required and with all honesty, i would have had NO idea what i was doing since they do different stuff... so they called someone else in.

The latest I ever worked was until 2:30 in the morning. I LOVED those shifts though because I never got tired until around 3 or 4 anyway and it wasn't so chaotic the later the nights got. Sometimes it was just nice to be able to actually talk with my cast member friends and get to know them a bit better :)

I do know a couple of CPs who did over nights... but i think they asked for it. The majority of CP front desk CPs only ever worked until 2:30 at the latest!!